Games Added to Schedule


  • March 28th Varsity vs Trinity 1:00 pm at Lamar
  • April 18th Varsity vs Lakeridge 1:00 pm at Lakeridge
  • April 25th Varsity vs Nimitz 12:00 noon at Nimitz


  • March 28th JV vs Trinity 5:00 pm at Trinity
  • April 18th JV vs Lakeridge 1:00 pm at Lamar
  • April 25th JV vs Nimitz 11:00 at Lamar


  • April 18th Freshman vs Lakeridge 11:00 am at Lamar
  • April 25th Freshman vs Nimitz 1:00 at Lamar


Each team schedule and the calendar will be updated later today.


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Deadline Reminders

We have several deadlines due today and the coming days:

  1. Super Fan Telethon Pledge Contact List due ASAP

  2. Photo selection due today, February 27th

  3. Baseball Program Ad Deadline - March 1st 2015

For more information on any of these deadlines please read their related news stories below.


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